Alfresco Custom Design

Truely inspirational outdoor gas fires and gas features designed just for you or your establishment.
Anything is possible. Be inspired!!

Customize your Fire Table 


Our Fire Tables are a new concept incorporating 
your outdoor furniture, heating and feature fire into one making them extremely affordable. By customizing your fire table you can truely bring together your outdoor area making it  an entertaining experience that is truely exceptional.


Our Fire Tables produce an intimate ambient heat and is large enough to seat up to 8 people comfortably. Whether entertaining a group of friends or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, our Fire Table is the absolute ultimate all in one appliance bringing everyone and everything together!


 Sand Blasting your Logo's or anything for that matter really gives your Fire Table that personal finishing touch.



An exclusive club in Auckland




An upmarket bar and restaurant in Wellington





The ultimate birthday present!





Upgrade your foot rail





Upgrade your safety rail





Basically choose your own colour finish. You name it we can do it!





This example is a black and white fire table with lazer etched glass.




For a range of colour options please click here.

For a range of seating options click here.

For other exclusive product designs click here.



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